Toprak Consulting Group was founded in 2012 by Jesse Toprak, one of the LinkedIn’s Most Influential People in the world.

Mr. Toprak has vast experience in the automotive industry ranging from running franchise dealerships to consulting with major automakers at the highest levels.

After running franchise dealerships for six years, Toprak spent the last fifteen years in the third party automotive digital space as an executive and a world-renowned analyst.

Mr. Toprak most recently served as Chief Analyst for Cars.com, responsible for analyzing and reporting on all relevant automotive related topics, trends and insights for the industry, media, as well as consumers.

Previously, Toprak was the Vice President of Market Intelligence at TrueCar.com and served as the Executive Director of Industry Analysis at Edmunds.com for nine years. He played a pivotal role in transforming both companies from newcomers to industry leaders.

Toprak is one of the most frequently quoted automotive analysts of this decade, having completed over 5,000 interviews with virtually all major media outlets.

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